PLATINUM SOFT To manage projects, shops and stores
And companies at a distance. Entering and extracting data, analyzing it and exporting it
And print everything needed for the project in one place for all devices

What are its features?

Save your time and effort and start managing your business professionally
Sophisticated and easy as well, everything you need for your project is in one place
One for all devices Now you can manage your business from anywhere
At any moment, just enter your email and start immediately

PLATINUM SOFT For Accounting and Business

Your best choice for managing your business
  • An easy-to-use control panel for business owners
    It contains a side menu through which you can move between the different sections of the program

    You can try the system first so that you can learn about all its features
    Then you write to us from within the system itself to subscribe to the package you want
    We guarantee the confidentiality of your data and that no one will see your data

  • We give you a flexible experience in managing your financial transactions in a professional manner, as you may Record your expenses and revenues through exchange and receipt vouchers

    Including all required information from Set a cost center, applicable tax, classification and description with the ability to attach documents And the required documents as needed, in addition to the ability to track your expenses and income accurately Through detailed reports.

  • An easy-to-use accounting program consisting of Invoices of sale and purchase invoices, returns, tax invoices, and a system of discounts. Warehouses of items, inventory and movement of items.

    Customers and suppliers of tariffs, payments, account statements, discounts and quotations. Treasury, cash register and earnings. Receipt and payment papers and bank accounts.

  • The easiest and simplest integrated accounting program that helps you manage all your financial transactions Accounting and follow-up from anywhere in the world without problems.

    It includes all invoices from sales and purchases, whether with or without tax Posts to stores, profits, customer and supplier accounts automatically

    Opening more than one store and more than one branch and an unlimited number of items with all prices and specifications You can use the accounts program from the tablet, mobile or personal device as you like and in any time Includes more than 20 reports on customers, suppliers and stores

Time Saver

An alternative to paper and pen, you can record and follow up on business and commercial activities Easily instead of the old traditional way

Responsive App

A great design that is compatible with any device, whether desktop, tablet or mobile
With the same features on all screens

Our prices are affordable

We have many price plans to suit all needs from small to medium companies to the big one.

Flexible Easy-Use

In a few minutes, you can start using the platform and follow up and manage your business with complete professionalism.